Book Review: 唐’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight by Rujuta Diwekar


我从来没有饮食 图书 as we had everything available online on our finger tips, I personally never had that necessity to purchase/read any diet related 图书. But lately I wanted to have a printed version so that I could have all the information at one place, that is when I’ve decided to buy some good quality diet 和fitness 图书.

Thus began my journey in search of top rated 图书 和it successfully ended at “Don’t失去理智,失去理智 重量” by Rujuta Diwekar.

Book Review 唐’t lose your mind Rujuta Diwekar减肥

我们都知道大肆宣传的Kareena kapoor’尺寸为零,我一直认为这是因为严格的速食饮食或一些我们从未听说过的神奇手术!好吧,我完全错了。写这本书的女士是整件事背后的原因。

Rujuta通过说这本书来开始 “简单是深刻的”; same way the book is written in the simplest English which is suitable for everyone. Those highlish one liners she uses all throughout the book are like icing on the cake, witty 和funny!!

The best part of the book is that she stays to the roots 和asks us to do the same; all the diet tips she recommends are in Indian context 和can be related to what we have on our daily basis. She completely changes our perception on dieting.  The book is filled with many examples from our day to day life to make us understand the importance of Eating 健康 instead of crash dieting.

她喜欢那些花哨的饮食(一般 汽车的饮食,橙色 果汁 diet etc) 和also on the miraculous foods (种子 藜麦 等),这些天强烈推荐。她不断强调这一点 “在正确的时间吃适量的食物”.

Book Review: 唐’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight by Rujuta Diwekar

书评减肥通过Rujuta Diwekar


  1. 所有食物都很好: She believes 和eventually makes us believe that each 和every food we consume is good provided we eat them in moderation 和at right time.
  2. 唐’t go on diet plans which deprive you of food or make you eat only one type of food: She confirms that by doing so we are torturing our body 和damaging it on a larger scale.
  3. 任何阻碍您锻炼的程序都是毫无价值的: She says diet 和exercise are not mutually exclusive. She stresses the point that losing 重量 is no big deal as people with jaundice, malaria, 和diarrhea also lose 重量 but staying 健康 is more important.
  4. 一种尺寸并不适合所有尺寸: Every person’s body 和生活方式 are different, she asks us not to follow the same diet plan someone else followed. We should try 和improve our everyday habits 和have our own diet plan.
  5. 忠于您的基因: She tells us to eat what we have been eating from our childhood instead of eating all the new fancy miraculous foods which are available today because our body is used to that food 和works its best with the same kind of food.
  6. 保持冷静的心态: Enjoy 和savor every bite of food you eat with peace of mind, this way we can prevent conversion of food to fat.
  7. 永远不要醒来喝茶或咖啡:  At sunrise, our metabolism is at peak 和our cells demand nutrition, this is the time we have to eat 和also eat big. So foundation of a great body is laid by what we eat in the first 10-15 minutes of waking up is one of the 4 principles of eating right mentioned.
  8. 每2小时吃一次: 她在书中指出这是另一个非常重要的原则。每隔2小时进食一次,我们就能使身体保持运转,从而使体内的脂肪燃烧水平更高。
  9. Eat more when you are more active 和eat less when you are less active:  She says we need to up our eating during high demand periods 和cut down when relaxing, this way we will be preventing the unnecessary fat storage in the body.
  10. 至少提前2小时吃一天的最后一餐: 我们应该花些时间让身体消化我们所吃的食物,然后再入睡,这是书中所规定的最后饮食原则。

The book also has a section about how she met Kareena kapoor 和how she helped her achieve the bikini body for tashan, which is a fun read. It also has her experiences with her clients which are quite relatable to the doubts we have on dieting 和eating right.

Lastly I am thankful to Rujuta for enriching me with insights on the habit of eating right. I have been following the eating schedule as per the book for about a month 和trust me it has been a very rewarding experience because now I feel more active, 健康 和fit. I will certainly recommend this book to everyone who not only want to lose 重量 but lose it in a 健康 办法。

Eat 健康 和stay fit 🙂 !!!

你读过这本书吗– 唐’t lose your mind, Rujuta Diwekar减肥 ?

压力–另一本必读的书是Suman Agarwal撰写的《 Unjunked:健康饮食减肥》,评论 这里.



  1. I like her 图书 only thing is they never made me lose 重量 depends upon person body to body i guess..what i like most about her 图书 和her way is that she recommends all desi..

    • 哟:)每当我特别参加晚宴时,第二天我只吃水果。我已经停止了。她说尸体不是储物,哈哈-

    • 好吧,她主要强调身体健康,而不仅仅是减肥。就像永久性的生活方式改变一样… i’我已经关注了仅一个月,让我们看看它的长期运行情况-

  2. 很好的评论..你知道我每次去书店而不买书的时候总是在看那本书吗..我不确定这是否对我有帮助..但是现在我一定会买..

  3. Ruchi,根据我的经验,在线图书购买是最好的选择,有时您也会获得很好的交易-

    • 是的,不仅是一笔划算的交易,而且我们还可以通过这种方式结帐该书的评分,从而避免购买无用的书-

  4. 嗨,我是这个博客的新手,但阅读了有关减肥的所有文章。我想分享我对Rujuta divekar的经验’的书。结婚前我是如此的瘦弱,但由于某些不健康的习惯和缺乏运动,结婚后我变得肥胖和不健康。我做了手术,然后无法穿旧的牛仔裤,上衣和库蒂鞋。那时我全心全意地开始瑜伽和健身房,但是运动对改变饮食习惯很重要,所以我读了两本书‘不要失去理智减肥‘and ‘women 和weight loss tamasha’. I changed all my eating habits , followed her tips 和i got result only in two months….i lost 重量 和tummy fat. In her 图书 she expained every minut things about food 和exercise. Now i am reading ‘不要失去工作’ 和its really awesome book. You can understand why every one need to do exercise 和be active whole day. If we follow her 图书 和exercise daily then ill surely change our body. I always wanted to share my experience about exercise 和rujutas book 和now i got chance. Thanks for posting this topic.