Mind Blowing Ways to Improve Your Revision and Study Regime

When you’re in education, there’s nothing more important than the process of revision and study. Whether you’re writing an essay or taking an exam, you need to study. You’ll take a lot of exams throughout your education. And many of these exams could shape your entire future. And a lot of these exams you’ll only get one crack at. So you need to make sure you nail them at the first time of asking. But, many people struggle when under exam conditions. They panic and freeze up and get caught Read more [...]

Technology That Has Changed The Way We Work

Over the past decade, advancements in technology have meant many changes  in our daily lifestyles and the way we work. Technological advancements have changed everything, from how we learn and work to how we communicate with others. The way that children learn in schools today  is very different to the way children learned 20 years ago. The way that people are trained for new jobs also has  significantly. As has, the way that small businesses and larger companies run. With so many astounding Read more [...]

Top Careers in Finance for Graduates

Money makes the world go round. Whether that old cliche is true or not, it’s certainly true that we need the best graduates going into the world of finance. And it’s a great career path to go down for graduates too. The pay is great, and there are plenty of opportunities for progression. There are lots of paths for graduates to take though, and not all jobs in finance are the same. If you’re thinking about a career in finance, you’re going to need to know the difference between a chartered Read more [...]
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